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Medical Director Dr. Sergio Gambuzzi

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Total Body Scan - Progetto Donna

Our goal is to offer in only 1 hour a diagnostic Check Up (Total Body Check Up) able to detect early the presence or the risk of an outbreak of diseases of the major anatomical organs, with a strong focus on Cardio-Cerebrovascular and Oncological fields.  The investigations are carried out mainly by radiological images of MRI and CT SCAN with latest generation technologies, Tests on blood samples (over 60 Markers), together with an assessment of the general status of the person, of his medical history and his lifestyle.

The Center provides a diagnostic program prevention of women diseases (Woman Project) through Digital Mammography, Breast Ultrasound, Breast MRI, Breast Examination and Gynaecological examination with Pap smears as well as Traditional Radiology, Virtual Colonoscopy, CT Scan,BMD and Dental Scan.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI 1.5 Tesla) is a technique used in the medical field to achieve high definition images inside of the human body. The normal technique of producing tomographic images has evolved into volumetric imaging technique. It can give now a three-dimensional representation (3D) of any part of the body.

CT SCANS (TAC) 387 layers/sec

Computed tomography (CT) is a diagnostic imaging method that uses ionizing radiation and allows to represent the patient's body sections or layers and make three-dimensional (3D) processing.

Nowadays, with the movement of the machine body, you can acquire Coronal images directly. The real added value of our machines is that they acquire directly an entire volume (spiral acquisition), which makes subsequent 3D reconstructions easier and biologically less expensive.